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The Official Title Sponsor of the USSSA 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 U.S. National Snowshoe Championship Events

**** 2016 Nationals will be in Ogden UT at the Powder Mountain Ski Resort on Feb. 26-28, 2016 ** The event will be run in conjunction with the US Cycling Federation's 2016 US Fat Tire Bike National Championship ****

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Press Release

Thursday December 24th, 2015 - Raleigh, NC:

The U.S. Snowshoe Association is pleased to announce that Northern Lite Snowshoes of New Richmond WI will serve as the Presenting Sponsor of the inaugural 2016 U.S. National Snowshoe Marathon Championship event.

This new addition to the USSSA’s annual National Snowshoe Championship Program will be the first “true” Snowshoe Marathon National Championship event ever hosted in the United States! It will take place on Sunday February 28th, 2016 at the famous Snowbasin Ski Resort just outside of Ogden UT. Only current USSSA membership is required to be eligible to participate in this historic event. The event has an eight hour time limit.

“The USSSA is very pleased to forge this new partnership with Jim and Susan York, the new owner of Northern Lite Snowshoes, this coming season as the presenting sponsor of our debut snowshoe marathon national championship event. Our friends from Northern Lite Snowshoes were on site with us in 2015 and we’re excited they will be joining us again in Ogden UT this coming season. Northern Lite Snowshoes has long supported our national snowshoe championship program and we’re really excited to see them back with us again this season and stepping up their support in a big way,” reports USSSA Sports Director Mark Elmore.

The USSSA’s 16th Annual Dion Snowshoes U.S. National Snowshoe Championships will feature numerous events over a three day period in Ogden UT February 26th -28th, 2016. On Saturday February 27th, the USSSA will share the trails of Powder Mountain Ski Resort with the US Cycling Federation’s second annual Fat Tire Bike National Championship events. Event details will be posted at and at over the coming months. As noted previously, a new development this season is that athletes WILL NOT need to complete a qualifying event in order to be eligible to participate in the annual National Snowshoe Championships as in past years.

In 2016, athletes must merely be current USSSA members and they are then eligible to compete in Utah. “Open” events, which DO NOT require USSSA membership, will also be available. “Loaner” snowshoes from several top snowshoe manufacturers, including the world’s lightest snowshoes from our friends at Northern Lite Snowshoes, will also be available.

For more information on the USSSA’s national snowshoe championship program or to become a supporter or sponsor, please contact USSSA Sports Director Mark Elmore by calling 518-420-6961 or email


Dance of the Snow Serpent

By Coach Steve Ilg

Our story takes place on March 2, 1996, at the World Mountain Snowshoe Championships near Twin Lakes, Colorado…you may have heard about it in the now very vogue, "Leadville 100" fallout…feeble ilg recalls helping the then first Race Director draw people TO HIS RACE…nowadays?  The hardest part of Leadville?  Is just getting' in.  Sad.  Read on, for a story from the daze of old, when snowshoers were few and far between… Read more


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The USSSA has forged a partnership with

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Important Message about Memberships

   I will be out of country from January 31st to February 17th attending the 2016 WSSF World Snowshoe Championships in Vezza d'Oglio and the 2016 Ciaspalonga Snowshoe race in Pieve di Cadore the following weekend both in northern Italy.

Then, I'll be leaving home for Utah and the US Nationals onFebruary 22nd.

I encourage folks to complete their USSSA Membership Registration as soon as possible so I can process their memberships in a timely manner and not keep them waiting until I return from Italy for a few brief days before I depart for Utah and the NC.s

Thank you,

Mark Elmore



USSSA to Hold First Snowshoe Marathon Championships

The snowshoeing association will add a 26.2-mile event to its 10K and half-marathon

The U.S. Snowshoe Marathon National Championships will make its debut in 2016 at the Snowbasin Resort in Ogden, Utah, making it the newest addition to the Snowshoe National Championships event held by the United States Snowshoe Association (USSSA) February 26 through 28, according to a USSSA press release.

The Snowshoe National Championships started in 2001 with a 10K event for participants aged 20 and over, and a Junior 5K for entrants under 20. In 2015, the USSSA added a half-marathon event.

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16th Annual

2016  DION Snowshoe National Championships

Will be held on

Feb. 26-27-28, 2016


Powder Mountain Resort in Ogden UT.


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for the latest info



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Ogden Utah hosts 2016 U.S. National Snowshoe Championships for the second time!

     For the first time in USSSA history, the national snowshoe championships will return to a previous site. The 16th edition of the United States National Snowshoe Championship Program will culminate in the 2016 Dion Snowshoes U.S. National Snowshoe Championships Friday - Sunday February 26th – 28th, 2016, in Ogden Utah at the Powder Mountain and Snowbasin Ski Resorts.

     Many of the country’s finest winter endurance athletes, representing 25 - 30 different U.S. States, are expected to heed the starter’s call. Junior A (15-19 yrs. of age) and Junior B (14 and younger) Boys and Girls will compete over a 5km course, while the Senior Men and Women (20+ years of age) will race 10km of groomed, single track and powder trails. The top three overall Junior Boy and Girl finishers, the top five overall Senior Men and Women and the top three overall Masters Men and Women will earn berths on the 2016 U.S. National Snowshoe Team. After adding the Half Marathon Snowshoe National Championship event in 2015, the Snowshoe Marathon National Championship is being added in 2016! Athletes of all ages may qualify to compete for National titles and awards in these championship events by joining the USSSA as a member.

Saturday September 26th, 2015

Corinth, N.Y. - After completing another very successful 2014-2015 US Snowshoe Association national    snowshoe racing season, the USSSA is pleased to announce that Bob and Denise Dion of Dion Snowshoes of Bennington Vermont will be serving as the title sponsor again next season when the 16th Annual U.S.         National Snowshoe Championship program culminates in Ogden Utah the weekend of Feb. 26th to 28th, 2016. Having served as the National Snowshoe Championship’s title sponsor since 2011, the USSSA is pleased to welcome the Dion’s back for another season. The Dion’s noted, “We are pleased to have partnered with the USSSA in supporting the Sport these past few years and seeing the growth and excitement increase each year. We are looking forward to another exciting season in 2016.”

     For more information on Dion Snowshoes, the US National Snowshoe Championships, please visit; and/or 


2015 Emerging Sports TV: Episode 101 from Emerging Sports TV on Vimeo.

This world premier edition of Emerging Sports TV takes us from the Tropics to the Tundra, as we feature the legendary La Ruta Mountain Bike Adventure Race and the 2015 Dion Snowshoe US National Snowshoe Championships in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Please consider becoming an Emerging Sports TV Lifetime VIP Club Member at



NEW in 2016

To be eligible to participate in the annual National Snowshoe Championships events, one only needs to be a current USSSA member.

Participating in a USSSA recognized “qualifying” event IS NO LONGER REQUIRED!



     How to qualify to compete in the 2016 Dion Snowshoes U.S. National Snowshoe Championships;

How to Qualify to Compete in Jr. 5km or Sr. 10km National Champ. Event:

  1. An athlete must be a current member of the U.S. Snowshoe Association. The annual membership fee is $30.00 and that includes a one year subscription to the Trail Runner Magazine, among other benefits.

2.      ALSO….the USSSA offers two other categories of participation at the National Snowshoe Championships. ACTIVE members of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces are invited to participate and compete in the All-Military Division of the Senior 10km, Half Marathon or Marathon events. These participants MUST BE current USSSA members. Team awards are presented in the Senior 10km and Junior 5km National Championship events.

  1. The USSSA also offers an International Division of competition in the Senior Men’s and Women’s 10km, Half Marathon and Marathon events. Athletes who ARE NOT  US citizens may compete for awards. These athletes DO need to be current USSSA members.



How to Qualify to Compete in the Snowshoe Half Marathon and new Snowshoe Marathon National Champ. Event:

1.      An athlete must be a current member of the U.S. Snowshoe Association. The annual membership fee is $30.00 and that includes a one year subscription to the Trail Runner Magazine, among other benefits.

2.      The Half Marathon and Marathon Snowshoe National Championship events have time limits. Athletes should enter expecting to complete these arduous events, sometimes at altitude, in 4 hours for the Half Marathon and 8 hours for the full Marathon event.


Press Release

Saturday January 16th, 2016


Yukon Charlie Snowshoes joins the U.S. Snowshoe Association as a

Contributing Sponsor of 2016 U.S. National Snowshoe Championships


     The United States Snowshoe Association ( is pleased to announce their first ever partnership with Yukon Charlie Snowshoes of Denver Colorado. Yukon Charlie Snowshoes is introducing brand new racing models this season and is joining the USSSA’s 2016 National Snowshoe Championship Program as a Contributing Sponsor. “The USSSA is excited to see Yukon Charlie Snowshoes unveiling new racing models this season,” stated USSSA Sports Director Mark Elmore, “and we are pleased to partner with them in promoting this debut effort.”

     Snowshoe athletes from all over the U.S. and abroad are expected to compete at the 2016 U.S. National Snowshoe Championships in Ogden, UT on February 26th-28th, 2016. Events will take place at Powder Mountain Resort on Saturday February 27th and Snowbasin Resort on Sunday February 28th. Saturday’s National Snowshoe Championships will share the trails at Powder Mountain with the US Cycling Federation’s 2nd Annual National Fat Tire Bike Championship events.

     New in 2016, the USSSA will not require athletes to “qualify” to compete in national snowshoe championship events. As long as the athlete is a current USSSA member, they are then eligible to participate in the national championship events, not having to “qualify’ by competing in a recognized qualifier event as in past years. Also new in 2016, Sunday will feature the first-ever sanctioned US National Snowshoe Marathon Championship event at Snowbasin Resort. It will join the second edition of the Snowshoe Half Marathon National Championship, which successfully debuted last year in Eau Claire WI, and the always fun and exciting 4 x 2.5km Snowshoe Team Relay event.

     For more information on the United States National Snowshoe Championships and/or the U.S. Snowshoe Association, Inc., go to and To learn more about Yukon Charlie Snowshoes go to



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